Software and technology complex GIS INTEGRO was created in FGUP GNC RF VNIIgeosystem (1998—2015). Now its support and development is provided by the geoinformatics department VNIIGeosystem of FSBI VNIGNI. The complex provides all the necessary possibilities for the creation of GIS projects and cartographic base for subsoil exploration.

Along with the standard set of tools for cartographic works (input, editing, spatial analysis, coordinate referencing, design and printing) comparable with ArcGIS functionality, the complex has a number of considerable advantages for applied geological and geophysical studies:

Simultaneous  cartographic, profile and wells data visualization with the synchronization by X, Y, Я axes, processing and 3D visualization of data surfaces, sections and cubes in the multiscreen interface of GIS project, absent in ArcGIS, but essential for the work with geological and geophysical informatio

Block of gravimetric and magnetometric data processing including correlation spectral analysis, field division into the components, anomalies detection against a background of random interferences, sounding, forward and inverse modelling in different settings. The block functionality is comparable with the possibilities of the Oasismontaj package (by GEOSOFT) and can replace it in many respects.

Tools for spatial analysis and the block for forecast and diagnostic tasks solution realizing many algorithms of classification and identification on the basis of multidimensional geodata sets.

Ready-to-use technology for the work with digital models of geological map sheets according to the normative and methodical regulations of the Scientific Editorial Board (SEB ) of Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (direct use of approved formats, data structure and standard symbol base) recommended for use in geological surveying of 1:200000 scale, for the compilation of State Geological Maps of 1:200000 and 1:1000000 scale and for the submission of final results for the publication at SEB.

The important advantages of the complex consist of easy installation, low requirements for the hardware facilities, availability of ready-to-use training aids and delay-free support of users.  In 2015—2017 alone 10 broadened workshops were conducted in different Russian cities, more than 150 specialists of geological organizations and universities completed their training. Specially developed in VNIIGeosystem sets of educational resources including tutorials and training data are used in the studies.

GIS INTEGRO is registered in the Software Application Register, certificate no. 2017660220 (19.09.2017) and in the Register of Russian Software  of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, no. 4302 (29.03.2018).


Therefore, in view of successful use of GIS INTEGRO by geological organizations for practical tasks solving in the fields of geology and subsoil use, its further adoption for the needs of Russian Federal Geological Bank, territorial banks of geological data, territorial departments of Federal Agency for Subsoil Use and geological surveying enterprises would be appropriate.