GIS INTEGRO is an innovative cartographic geoinformation system with enhanced capabilities for geological tasks solving.
GIS INTEGRO is entirely Russian product created by a team of researchers from the Geoinformatics laboratory of FGUP GNC RF VNIIgeosystem in 1998 - 2015. As a result of a reorganization of our enterprise the development and support of the system is now provided by the Geoinformatics department of FSBI VNIGNI.
GIS INTEGRO represents innovative algorithms of geological data presentation and processing, original scientific, methodological and technological approaches to the subject-specific task solving, and practical work experience in standard geoinformation packages.
The concept of data handling in GIS INTEGRO is aligned as much as possible with the concept of ESRI software packages as they are the most widely used products in geological field. This fact greatly facilitates the use of GIS INTEGRO as an import-substituting software for geodata handling.
We do our best for facilitating the work with GIS INTEGRO by our users.  That is why we are constantly broadening the functionality and improving the user's interface of our software complex taking into account the comments and wishes of the users of GIS INTEGRO.
The specialists of our support service are always ready to answer any questions relating to GIS INTEGRO:
Focus on the tasks
Full set of instruments
Standard formats of geodata
User-friendly interface
Simple installation

Possibilities of GIS INTEGRO

Visualization of geological data in 1D/2D/3D

Cartographic linking of rasters and vectors

Compilation and editing of vector data with the support of intra- and interlayer topology

Semiautomatic vectorization

Operations with regular and irregular grids

Spatial analysis of vectors and surfaces

Layout and printing of cartographic materials

Web publication and distribution of the data

Multiscreen interface with picture synchronization by surface and by depth

Download of specialized formats (SEGY, LAS)

Advanced block or prognostic and diagnostic problems solving

Analytic apparatus for gravimagnetic data processing

Compilation and processing of 3D models (cubes)

Automatic compilation of cross-sections

Wells data processing

Tools for the compilation and layout of geological maps according to the requirements of the Scientific Editorial Board of Federal Agency for Subsoil Use

Integrated parts of GIS INTEGRO

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